The Blackwoods

RW Blackwood

RW Blackwood Jr, known to some as Winston, is the son, grandson and nephew of founding members of the Blackwood brothers quartet established in 1934.

Born in 1942 to RW Blackwood Sr an Elaine Whitehead Blackwood, Winston was raised in the musically world renowned group and singing was expected of him.

He found out just how true that was at the age of 10 while sitting in the backseat of the car on a family outing when he began to sing. Upon hearing his son’s beautiful voice, his father, RW Sr, stopped the car, turned around to the child and said to him “You’ll be singing at the next Blackwood Brothers concert.” And he did several times. READ MORE

Donna Blackwood likes to say she is one-half of the dynamic duo, the other half being her husband, RW Blackwood of 52 years in April of 2017.

Donna was raised in Houston, Texas by her parents and had one brother but her family realized that at an early age she had a talent for singing. At the age of 3, her grandmother stood her on a piano stool in the adult Sunday School class and had her sing. Donna’s mother wanted her to be able to play the piano like her gifted grandmother but unfortunately Piano was not Donna’s gift but singing was. So after several years of piano Donna begin taking voice at the Houston Conservatory of Music as well as singing in the choir at school and church. Because her father was a pastor, she sang numerous solos, duets, trios, & quartets at churches all over the Houston area and at the age of 16 sang with the James Robison Crusades. READ MORE

Denny is known as “Mr. Entertainer” and Branson’s best and lowest bass singer, having spent over 26 years with the famous Blackwood Quartet and the Foggy River Boys. Singing hits like “Big Bad John,” “Ghostriders In The Sky” and “Elvira,” his voice will shake the rafters.

With over 20 years performing in Branson, Denny has become a Branson legend. He also plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and keyboards, and records back-up vocals on many of Branson stars’ recordings.

If you enjoy rich laughter and great bass singing like the Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler Brothers, then Denny Yeary with The Blackwoods is a must see. The harmonies and
vocal styles range from classic country to golden oldies to even hand clapping Gospel, and you’ll enjoy this stroll down Memory Lane that will thrill your heart.



Mark is no stranger to music or the stage, having traveled around the world singing and ministering with his family from the age of 3, Mark has traveled internationally with them singing Lead and Tenor in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, China (even singing at The Forbidden City), Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Canada and every state in the United states Except Hawaii and Alaska…we’re working on that!

He traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada as part of a college Drama and Music Team called the Couriers of Zion Bible Institute that included singing and acting before crowds of 3 to over 25,000 in attendance.  READ MORE