RW Blackwood

RW Blackwood Jr, known to some as Winston, is the son, grandson and nephew of founding members of the Blackwood brothers quartet established in 1934.

Born in 1942 to RW Blackwood Sr an Elaine Whitehead Blackwood, Winston was raised in the musically world renowned group and singing was expected of him.

He found out just how true that was at the age of 10 while sitting in the backseat of the car on a family outing when he began to sing. Upon hearing his son’s beautiful voice, his father, RW Sr, stopped the car, turned around to the child and said to him “You’ll be singing at the next Blackwood Brothers concert.” And he did several times.  Read More


Donna Blackwood

The original Gaudy Granny, Donna Blackwood, likes to say she is one-half of the dynamic duo, the other half being her husband, RW Blackwood of 52 years in April of 2017. Donna was raised in Houston, Texas by her parents and had one brother but her family realized that at an early age she had a talent for singing. At the age of 3, her grandmother stood her on a piano stool in the adult Sunday School class and had her sing. Donna’s mother wanted her to be able to play the piano like her gifted grandmother but unfortunately Piano was not Donna’s gift but singing was.  Read More


Andrea Blackwood Carter

Andrea is the daughter of RW and Donna Blackwood. Born 1965 in Memphis, Tn. She has one sibling, a brother, Robert Winston III, aka Robbie, who is 8 years younger. Being born in a singing family, naturally singing became her gift and passion as well. She traveled with her parents as a young child all over the United States, met many celebrities, and entertained in just about every major amusement park and state fair in the country. Home base was Nashville, Tn for quite a few years until 1979 when her family moved to Memphis where the rest of the Blackwood family lived. Andrea was a freshman in high school at that time and her mom, Donna started staying home at that point as well.  Read More


Michael Frost

MICHAEL JASON FROST was born and raised in a small town in East Tennessee. The son of a preacher, he grew up singing gospel music. Before he was a teenager, Michael was harmonizing with his cousins and traveling to sing at churches across the region. Shortly after the unexpected passing of his Dad, who was a pastor and a mentor to so many people in that small town, Michael picked up the torch to carry the gospel by developing his songwriting skills. As a songwriter, Michael has had cuts by several of gospel music’s most popular artists, including The Hyssongs, The Dixie Melody Boys, The McKameys, Ivan Parker, Hissong, Heirline, The Wilburns, and many more. One of his best known songs is “That’s God,” a Singing News Top Ten hit in 2004. In 2006,  Read More


Jonathan Lee

Jonathan was raised with a love for music. One of his fondest memories was putting on little concerts with his brother on the back of the families’ pickup truck or grabbing the infamous hairbrush and singing. All through school, music and singing was a big part of his life. In school he participated in the choirs and musicals. He graduated from Defiance College with a degree in Vocal Performance. Jonathan has had the opportunities to perform with several southern gospel groups; The Praise Quartet, The Brashear’s, The Ambassadors/Union Hill, New Destiny Qt, The Royals,  Read More


Denny Yeary

Denny Yeary’s booming Bass voice is quite a legend in Gospel Music, Branson, MO, as well as across the country. Born in Middletown, OH, Denny started his professional singing career singing Bass for the southern gospel group “Coy Cook and The Evangels”. However, in 1973 his life would change forever when he joined the famous Blackwood Singers and started a treasured lifelong friendship. Denny worked with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for several years when he was working with The Blackwood’s. Later Roy and Dale took Denny on many of their Rodeo shows Read More

Jen Frost

Jen, who is married to Michael, hails from South Carolina and grew up with a passion for singing and performing musical theater.

A graduate of Mars Hill College in North Carolina with a degree in music and drama, Jen went on to perform in several shows across the country in various venues and also spent some time in the theater scene in New York City. She also spent several years of her career specifically in Christian Theater.

In 2006, Jen was cast at Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA, which is the largest Christian-based theater in the country.

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