Jen Frost

Jen, married to Michael, hails from South Carolina and grew up with a passion for singing and performing musical theater.

A graduate of Mars Hill College in North Carolina with a degree in music and drama, Jen went on to perform in several shows across the country in various venues and also spent some time in the theater scene in New York City. She also spent several years of her career specifically in Christian Theater.

In 2006, Jen was cast at Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA, which is the largest Christian-based theater in the country. There, Jen had feature roles in the original productions of Ruth and The Miracle of Christmas. In 2007, Jen was cast in The Miracle at The Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN, where she performed until 2011, playing various feature roles from Mother Mary to Martha. She was also a featured vocalist in the theater’s production of Exalt! A Christian Concert Spectacular, which was performed twice a week throughout 2009.

Jen met Michael Frost at The Miracle in 2007, and they were married there in 2009. Since their marriage, Jen and Michael have not only performed together at The Miracle, but they have also toured and performed at churches and concert events across the country. Jen was also part of Michael’s debut solo CD on Crossroads Records, singing harmonies and offering a duet, “That Which Cost Me Nothing.”

Blessed with many talents, Jen is happy to be on stage with her husband and singing with the legendary Blackwood family. In all that God has enabled her to do, Jen says that her biggest blessing in life is her daughter, Jael.